At the Spirit House in Vientiane, Laos

September 17th, 2008 Latitude: S Longitude: E



2 Responses to “At the Spirit House in Vientiane, Laos”

  1. Kateri Jochum schreibt:

    How is Laos? You don’t looked very spirited in this photograph, to be honest. Or is this just your spirit, sending wayward messages? K.

  2. daniel schreibt:

    Taken this picture with the built in camera of my Mac while working. At least I don’t have the computer nerd colouring that usually means… Its a nice place on the river banks that doubles as our office when we don’t have meetings coz food, drinks and service is good and the WiFi free and connection usable.

    Quite honestly it took me a while to understand what the Spirit in the name meant… until I thoroughly studied the “drinks” section of the menue…!

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