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Putting brain into my riding

Thursday, April 24th, 2008 Latitude: S Longitude: E

Good news for the parents and chicken farmers of this world: I have started to take lessons in driving a motorcycle! The wild days of my un-licenced driving will soon be over. Heike, my teacher is happy with me and made me switch from the small to the big bike she has in her school in the middle of the lessons.

Driving in Cologne is quite different from driving in, say, Kathmandu. There the rule is: there are rules, but no one cares, which everyone knows so honk your horn, be a happy driver and a happy survivor – it’s more about getting somewhere than killing someone. Here, the killing is quite an option it feels as long as all rules – and there are many – are properly obeyed. For a motorcycle rider it’s more “duck and cover”. By the way of ducks, one thing I had to learn is to keep my feet straight “don’t let them hang loose” says Heike, “you look like a duck!” Well, if we are already talking about esthetics, it can’t be that bad, I figured.

Aloha, everybody!

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008 Latitude: S Longitude: E

Say hello to a Ukulele made in China, bought in Cologne, played as a Brazilian Cavaquinho wherever I’ll be taking it!

Best Internet in Brussels Zuid

Friday, April 18th, 2008 Latitude: S Longitude: E

Quite astonishing in which places you’ll find your daily fix of Internet connection. This one was a good places for the couple of hours of a good work-meeting and a lunch in Brussels near the train station where the fast train from Cologne to Paris calls. Just get out of the station (Brussels Zuidstation/Gare du Midi) towards the southern tower (a high rise building in black) and turn right towards the spanish shop on the corner. The restaurant “Asturia” is one or two shops to the left of it.

Cafe Asturia Brussels

I doubt the WiFi is their own, but it has a strong enough signal to reach into the back of the place. Around midday you’ll have to stop working, as then the tables are reserved for lunch guests. Lunch has been excellent, the coffee very nice, the waitress an angel.

Männer, Frauen, Wohnen…

Friday, April 11th, 2008 Latitude: S Longitude: E

Gerade an einer Buchauslage vorbei gegangen hier in Köln, mit Fotobücher zu den vielfältigsten Themen. Mir sprangen die zum Thema Wohnen in die Augen. “Kleine Appartments”, “Küchen”, “Ökohäuser in Städten”. Hatte die Idee, dass ich meine Herzensdame mal einlade, mit mir einen Kaffe zu trinken, und dabei einen Stapel dieser Bücher durchzublättern. Dann können wir uns gegenseitig so zeigen, was uns so alles gefällt. Und was ja so gar nicht geht, in unseren Vorstellungen. Danach steigen wir dann einfach mal ins Auto und fahren mal die Stadt ab, Viertel und Straßen, gucken, wo’s uns gefällt, und wie’s da ist und wie es so aussieht. Könnte ein lehrreicher und lustiger Nachmittag werden…