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Happy 2008

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Monday, December 31st, 2007 Latitude: 47.995709N Longitude: 7.973135E

Life is a journey – if there’s anything I was reminded of in this, now almost past year, than it was: Life is a journey. This year, the journey was rough, full of learning, challenges. Old truths had to go to make way for new insights. Friends were made, closeness emerged where it was not expected, new relationships commenced. Old ones were rediscovered in a new light.

Changes had to be made and were – others had to be seen and to be lived with.

2008 will be the year. Much of the change that was going on inside of me in 2007 will become visible, will surface and unfold.

I look forward to 2008, being in the world and taking part. All of you who where with me this past year and the years before, helping, supporting and challenging me, may God bless you, my God, your God, our Gods. And may 2008 be a year of more peace, more love and of more understanding each other.