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Motorcycling Katmandu Valley II

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Tuesday, November 20th, 2007 Latitude: 27.773481387145207N Longitude: 85.27450561523438E

While I am already back in Germany, I still have a lot of movie clips and pictures left from my trip to Nepal to share. So here’s some notes and a little clip from my last full day in Katmandu. We stopped working on Friday and I had been able to again organise a motorcycle to go for a day trip the next morning, swapping the noisy, chaotic city for the beautiful mountains surrounding the Valley.

This time around, I was lucky: I had found a dirt bike, a 185 cc Honda. Much more comfortable for my size and also feeling safer in the traffic of the Nepalese capitol as you generally sit more upright. I started off from the hotel and payed a second visit to the Boudha Stupa, the huge Tibetan-Buddhist sanctuary on the north-east of the city. From there it was back on to the infamous ring road. After almost a half circle around the city, I turned right onto a road leading into the mountains. Immediately traffic died down to the occasional motorcycle, car or one of the notoriously overbooked overland busses with people riding on the roof. The road was in a state comparably well to what I had been riding on the week before: Few potholes, good tarmac. Beautiful views and quiet interesting encounters…

Turnaround point was a fish farm by the side of the road. Using the water coming down the mountains the “farmer” was breeding rainbow trout. He showed me around the steep arrangement of basins with the fish in different age and size. He hasn’t done anything like it before, but returning from the US and Canada, where he had lived for many years, he got interested in it and started his own business. Not an easy undertaking, he confessed, as the road conditions make transportation a real challenge: It is still easier to wait for people finding the farm, the fish, and the lunch that can be enjoyed on the nice spot than bringing the fish to where the people are.

Drachen am Straßenrand

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Friday, November 9th, 2007 Latitude: 27.796942N Longitude: 85.269295E

2007-10-13_10-58-49_Katmandu_Nepal Im Herbst feiert ganz Nepal das Dharsein-Fest. Für die Kinder bedeutet das: Drachensteigen lassen. Überall kann man dann die aus buntem Seidenpapier und gespaltetem Bambus handgefertigten Drachen kaufen, sowie Spindeln mit ausreichend Schnur, um die tanzenden Schmuckstücke hochsteigen zu lassen.


Kids flying kites along the street out of Katmandu Valley. It was the time of the annual Dharsein festival in Nepal which is traditionally greeted by children flying these handmade kites. You could see them literally everywhere, flying from rooftops or here, from the side of the road. While handmade, these kites are comparably cheap, so loosing one isn’t to much of bad luck. What’s pricey are the spindles at about 20 times the amount you’d have to give for a kite.