Motorcycling Kathmandu Valley…

October 11th, 2007 Latitude: S Longitude: E

Stupa in Boudha, Nepal

This is the big “Stupa” in Boudha, close to Katmandu. It’s a buddhist sanctuary where many tibetian refugees go.


On our way to Nagarkot.


Two young ladies in a small village near Nagarkot. We stopped to get a drink.


Deepak, my friend and guide, taking a small break from chatting with the girls…

At the cow-wash, Nepal.

The local cow-wash.


Young boy with young goats…


Finally, Nagarkot tower. From here, the view goes not only over Katmandu valley but potentially also to some of the Himalaya peaks. Although the weather was nice, it was far from being clear. Clouds on the horizons obscured the view. Nevertheless, a beautiful day.


This lady was in the process of cooking and washing noodles for “Chowmein”, fried noodles. I photographed and interviewed her (with the help of Deepak), and later we of course had to also taste the freshly prepared meal.


The ladys husbands hands, preparing our meal.


Getting back into Katmandu, vendors under umbrellas at the roadside.

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