Zigzagging for the next 4 days

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September 20th, 2007 Latitude: 51.446N Longitude: 6.8147E

Sitting on the train northbound from Cologne to go to Hilversum for a meeting tomorrow. From there, I’ll take the train southbound again tomorrow evening, stop for a coffee to meet my daughter and her mother in Düsseldorf, stay overnight in Frankfurt, from where I will leave to Kathmandu next morning (that’s Saturday!), with yet another overnight in Doha, Quatar (that’s on the Persian Gulf). Work in Nepal starts on Monday, I will be training radio journalists there for the next 3 weeks together with colleagues from Deutsche Welle Akademie. Quite exciting, as it is once again (after Laos and Iran) a place I had never really planned to go to.

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