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September 13th, 2007 Latitude: 58.529559N Longitude: 16.155396E

Back in Sweden after 4 years – last time had been in 2003. Riding on the X2000, Sweden’s fast train, between Malmö and Stockholm. Had been to Copenhagen. Crossed Öresund bridge for the first time. Amazing to be able to get on a commuter train in Denmark and get off in Sweden, no ferries in between. It involved quite some organization and changing means of transport to make the connection a couple of years ago: bus to the harbor, boat to Sweden, Bus to the station in Malmö, train to Stockholm. Today: half an hour or less with 2 or more trains every hour.

The trip to Copenhagen on the night train had me remember my trans-euro trip in the late nineties, going from the north of Sweden in several lags to Lisbon in the south-west of the continent, riding on night trains and with a luxury that included own bathroom and breakfast buffet on some of the connections. Only a distant echo of it this time around, as the train was pretty run down. To switch on the light in my compartment, the light in the whole car had to be switched off first. This had to be executed several times to the annoyance of my fellow travelers, so in the end I stopped asking for it and went to sleep.

Sitting on the fast train to Stockholm now, in the bistro car, as no other seat was available. Booking from Germany was not possible, hopping on these fast trains without reservation is not permitted normally. The conductor fortunately decided to not expel me at the next station in the middle of nowhere, sold me a 2nd class ticket, although I had placed myself in the first class.

Swedes all around me. Sweden outside the window, funny perspectives on it. The train leans into the curves to allow for faster speed, creating a funny rhyme of trees-lake-fields-sky-trees for those looking out the windows as we speed towards the north.

wirless internet on the train in swedenThe train offers internet access – for free with a 1st class ticket. You can load a web side of the train that shows you the position of it on a map.

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